Love doesn’t have an expiration date.

Whether you are 30 or 80, you can - and should - try and find a companion. Otherwise, you risk living a lonely lifestyle and not having that special someone there in the moments you need them the most.

Here are 10 benefits to finding a partner in your golden years:

#1: A Companion Will Keep You Active

Finding a soulmate as a senior can help you stay active and having a good time. Just because you get older doesn’t mean you have to quit physical activity, and it can be more rewarding to have someone there with you when you go for a walk or volunteer to a local charity.

#2: Happiness Leads to Better Health

The happier you are the healthier you will be. While there may be times they drive you crazy, having a companion is a great way to stay happy and keep good health.

“Love grows more tremendously full, swift, poignant, as the years multiply.” - Zane Grey

#3: Finding a Partner Can Cure Loneliness

Regardless of how old you are, loneliness can be an awful feeling. By having a companion there to talk to and spend time with, you can avoid loneliness altogether.

#4: There is Less Pressure When You Are Older (Usually)

When you’re young, you feel nervous when you begin a new relationship. In most cases, people become more comfortable in their own skin as they age, which leads to a higher level of confidence in relationships.


#5: Someone Will Be Around In Case You Fall or Get Sick

One of the scariest things for seniors is falling or getting ill when nobody's around to help. By having a companion with you, you will have someone there just in case.

#6: Helps Widows Recover From Sadness

Losing your spouse, of whom you have probably been married to for a long time, can be one of the more difficult life experiences to go through. As difficult as it may seem, finding another companion is a great way to cope and overcome the mournful feeling of losing a spouse.

#7: Helps Seniors Maintain Stamina

As we age, our stamina naturally decreases. With a spouse who will be able to keep you active and in good spirits, you can maintain your good stamina even as you age.

#8: You Will Have Someone There for Emotional Support

We all have moments of sadness and frustration regardless of how old we are. In these moments, it can be beneficial to have a partner there to talk to and simply just be with.

#9: Kids Are Usually Supportive and Excited

Many seniors are hesitant to seek a new partner out of fear of their children being opposed to the idea. However, this thought is incongruent with reality. In most cases, children are supportive of the idea and only want to see their mom or dad happy.

#10: Opens Up a New Chapter In Your Life


It can be exciting to find a new partner, and it can give you, quite literally, a reason to live. It is never too late to start something new, so don’t let your age discourage you from seeking a companion.