It’s important to a senior’s well-being to stay involved in their community as they grow older.

However, many seniors don’t know where they are a good fit to volunteer and give up on the idea of doing so.

With all of the volunteer opportunities available, there is something every senior can do to help the community. Here are six volunteer jobs for seniors to consider participating in:

Visit a Children’s Hospital

There's nothing more heartwarming than helping to put a smile on the face of a child that is ill.

Children are always open to being read to, hearing cool stories and simply spending time with seniors.

Be a Board Member

Another great way to stay active as you grow older is to become a board member within your community.

While there are several different organizations that require board members, being a school board member, for example, is a great way to make an impact within your community.

Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

Animal shelters are almost always looking for more help. While it isn’t always the most uplifting job in the world, you are really doing your community a service by volunteering with an animal shelter.

 If nothing else, you will get to spend time with loving animals all day long!

“When you volunteer, you are not paid in money or recognition, you are paid in love.”

Assist with Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes, assistance is needed.

Although you may not be able to help with physical activity, you can still help with disaster relief in many other ways, such as handing out supplies after a hurricane or providing food to a family whose home has burnt down.

Be a Tour Guide with National Parks Services

National parks services is always looking for additional help.

If you consider yourself to be a history buff who enjoys telling stories to younger generations, being a tour guide is a great way to pass along your knowledge.

Help Others with Their Taxes

If it is too difficult to get outside and volunteer, you can still help in other ways, such as helping less capable people do their taxes.

Taxes, for many(including myself) is hard and paying someone to do it can be very financially challenging. Encourage your senior to spend volunteer hours helping others with their taxes! It will build a sense of community in them, and help someone with a service that usually comes with a steep price.

What senior volunteer job strikes your fancy? If you want peace of mind that the aging parent or relative in your life can safely maintain a high quality of life, contact us to learn about our compassionate caregivers. Simply fill out the form below and receive a phone call from us promptly!