If your parent (or parents) have arrived at the point in their lives where it’s become increasingly difficult to remain self-sufficient like they used to, home care may be the logical next step. The golden ticket to finding the right caregiver rests on your shoulders—so, how do you find a high quality, experienced, caring professional? By applying our 3-point criteria and avoiding the one classic mistake so many others make when choosing a caregiver that truly brings experience to the table.

First, Know Your Priorities

First and foremost: your priority is finding someone who will care for your parent with as much attention and compassion as you would. But, on a day-to-day basis, what does that care and compassion involve? What home care services will you parent(s) require? By being crystal clear on the tasks and responsibilities they’ll manage, you can target caregivers to meet that demand. Home care services may require they handle:

• Bathing assistance;

• Social engagement activities;

• Dressing and grooming assistance;

• Medication management or reminders

• Transportation to/from doctors’ visits, grocery shopping, etc.

• Companionship.

Next, Do Your Homework

Once you have some home care companies in mind, do your research on each. Do their caregivers require a background check and drug screening before they’re hired? How have they been trained? How long have they been in the healthcare field? Are they required to evaluate their clients and include a patient’s family member when formulating a plan of care? Most of all, are their priorities to care for your parent(s) in alignment with yours?

Lastly, Cross-Check Their Qualifications

No matter how set you are with one home care company, double (or triple check) their qualifications. Ask for references or testimonials. Often, companies will have testimonials displaced on their website—so that’s a great place to start. What have past clients said about their customer service? Price? Quality of care? Multiple positive reviews can give you a real taste for the objectives of their caregivers, and the quality you’ll get if you choose them.

SureCare At Home does things a little differently than most. We treat every client as though they are our own. We put as much care, thought and compassion into each client, because every client has different goals and priorities. We offer health management, geriatric care management, and household services. Contact us today to learn more and receive a complimentary in-home senior care assessment!