It can be difficult to see your mom start to lose the ability to take care of herself.

It can become even more challenging once pressure is put on you to turn into her primary caregiver. After all, you have a hectic life as it is, and you - if you’re like most - know very little about taking care of a senior.

What in the world should you do? Here are some insights on how to handle this very stressful dilemma.

Provide Senior Care Services to Keep Mom Safe

Obviously, you want to take care of the person who took care of you for so long - that’s certainly not the problem.

The problem, however, is you aren’t a certified caregiver and, as a result, you have limitations. As a son or daughter, it is important to recognize these limitations, assist where you are able to provide assistance and be willing to accept outside help in areas where you need it.

Do The Best You Can and Don’t Feel Guilty

As stated by A Place for Mom, “siblings can be good with the guilt, but not the help!” As long as you understand the areas you can help and do the absolute best you can given your current situation, you shouldn’t feel guilty for your limitations and for seeking help from others when needed.

If you’re like most, you probably have time consuming responsibilities, and you shouldn’t be pressured into doing more than you are capable of doing.

“Being told you are appreciated is one of the simplest and most uplifting things you can hear.”

Seek Out Care When She Can No Longer Care For Herself

More than anything else, most parents want emotional support for their children. Losing the ability to fully take care of one’s self can be just as hard on the parent as it is on the child, so be there for the parent emotionally and don’t feel obligated to try and solve every physical need your mom or dad has yourself.

A Senior Care Service That Makes Sense

If your elderly mother or father requires special physical attention, it can be wise and far more beneficial to hire a part time caregiver than to try and do something you are not capable of doing.