Tips for Having Difficult Conversations with Aging Parents


There are many conversations that we enjoy having with our parents, however as time goes on and we all age, it becomes necessary to have less comfortable conversations, particularly end-of-life care.    In this article, you'll learn how to approach aging in a compassionate and educated manner.

The Best Time is NOW! 

 It is often more comfortable to have conversations about your parents’ wishes about their end of life care early, when there is no urgency.  But even if it is too late to start early, start the dialogue  as soon as the first signs of a problem arise. Whether the problem is poor eyesight or trouble driving inlow light situations, start talking right away.

When health concerns require a lifestyle change, many senior parents will initiate the conversation with their families. If your aging parent does not raise the issue, bring it up yourself, being sure to focus on a single issue at once, rather than multiple issues at the same time.

Look For Solutions That Allow Them to Remain Independent

Assure your loved one that, no matter what, any care options chosen will be made with the highest level of independence for them. For example, if your loved one only needs help with keeping their house clean, a house cleaner will be made available— no need for around the clock care! 

Look for care options that allow them to continue to use their strengths, such as cooking or personal grooming. If they are still able to shop for groceries but only need transportation to and from a grocery store, address transportation issues. Remember, there are always people willing to help, whether they be from a in-home care provider, a friend, or another family member.         

By discussing these important topics early, you can ensure their golden years are truly golden.

We Are Here to Help

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