Going on vacation should be exciting and stress-free, but there’s still one question left to answer. Where should you leave your elderly mom or dad? If they cannot live independently, you may feel like you’re in a jam. But, don’t worry! Luckily, there are options for senior care while you go on vacation. Here are the top three.

Look for an Assisted Living Facility that Offers Respite Care

Some assisted living facilities offer respite care, a short-term stay at the center, perfect for when you go on vacation. Its services include everything from assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing. You can assure yourself that the senior in your life will receive attentive, around the clock care. Plus, it’s like little vacation for him or her too. Assisted living facilities usually include a slew of fun activities for seniors like yoga, basketball, card games and maybe even wheelchair bowling if their lucky.

Hire a Senior Caregiver

If you’d rather have your elderly loved one stay at home, senior caregivers can take full responsibility over him or her during your vacation. They can help with a variety of tasks like getting dressed, personal hygiene, transportation and preparing nutritious meals. Senior caregivers can also assist with basic home maintenance tasks if need be, like doing laundry, cleaning and changing light bulbs. If you want to ensure maximum comfort for your elderly loved one in the privacy of your own home, a senior care giver is the best option to consider.

Seek Assistance from Other Family Members

Sometimes having a huge family can reap huge benefits. If you need someone to watch over a senior for a short amount of time, see if one of your trusted relatives or friends can stay with them for a week. Make a list of duties for them and include things that a professional senior caregiver does like daily house work and personal hygiene assistance. This is also probably the most affordable senior care option out of the three, but make sure you still give your relatives or friends a good reward for their hard work. They’ll be doing you a nice favor and your elderly loved one will surely enjoy their company.