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Testimonials Of Our In-Home Senior Care, Geriatric Care and Dementia Care Services, Houston, Texas

“Thank you for the extraordinary care you provided and you gave our Mom and Gran Gran. You gave us an extra decade of memories and we are grateful.”
                                      Courtney E.

“SureCare is dependable, caring, and easy to schedule services and appointments. Our Nurse Care Manager is always able to communicate with us”
                                    Gayla S.

“Words cannot express how appreciative my sister and I are . . . . Your professional guidance and advice each step along the way was more than just helpful.”
                                                   George D.

“My SureCare caregiver was always there to help me with whatever I needed personally with a great big smile on her face . . . .  It was as though a friend had showed up each day.”          
                                               Mary Lou M.

“SureCare has helped improve Mom's quality of life by providing an appropriate and trustworthy companion.”
                                    Becky B.

“We appreciate the care that Mother received from your staff during July and August. I don't know how we would have made it without your staff's help.”
                                     Meg M.

"SureCare caregivers are exceptionally patient with my Dad at all times, expecially at meal time. They bring laughter to his jokes and solitude."

                                  S. Gilmore

"We can't praise SureCare enough for the care and compassion demonstrated over the last couple of weeks . . . . They are great caregivers."

                                  Eric G.

"My Mom's well being and care were always first and foremost with SureCare."

                                  Jenny S.

"SureCare caregivers are truly professional in their care; kind and thorough."

                                  Keith O.

"Your caregiver was so good with my in-laws. My Mother-in-Law has improved a lot. Your caregivers were so helpful and supportive . . . they have great hearts."

                                  Text Message.

"SureCare employees were skilled, knowledgeable and caring to my dad and my entire family. Nancy Larkin, who runs this group was outstanding . . . . I cannot sing their praises enough!" 

                                  Chris D.

"It makes all the difference to know that you are providing the best possible care and support for you and your loved one. SureCare works hand in hand with Hospice!" 

                                   Susan H.

"We were impressed with each and every care person that you provided and I wish that you would express that to each of them on our behalf. Thank you again for your caring ways."